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If I talked about the subconscious mind, then it is the most surprising part of the human body even you can’t imagine it. Nobody knows about the incredible power of this and how it handles the situations in every part of life.

The incredible thing about the subconscious mind is that it is a million times powerful than the conscious mind according to their processing speeds.

Several people think that the unconscious and subconscious are inter-related words. But in reality, they both are different terms and their meaning is also far different.

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There are two main rules for doing the work of the subconscious mind. By repeating, everything becomes a part of the subconscious mind (habit). There is no difference between the subconscious mind and the imagination. Based on these two rules, we can now make changes in practices in our lives as you like, can put new qualities, work impossible

Psychologists have divided the mind into two significant parts.

1. Alive spirit – It is that part of the brain in which the information of the action is happening, and the conscious mind is the conscious mind. It is based on objective and logic.

2. The subconscious mind – this part of the brain beyond the awakened brain is the subconscious mind. We do not know about it, and its experience is less.

How the mind works

Understanding the human mind is very important. A common man’s brain weighs 3 pounds, i.e. 1 kg to 500 grams. More than 75 per cent of water, 10 per cent fat and 8 per cent protein are made in the human heart. It is the organ of more than all parts of the body.

The human brain reacts even more sharply than a computer, many of which remain intriguing puzzles for scientists. There is still more to hide the curtain from many of these secrets. Human brain keeps blood pressure, pulse rate, heart rate and breathing process average. He controls all parts of the body.

The right part of the brain controls the left part of the body and the left side of the body.

– Information about different parts of the body reaches the brain at different speeds.

– It is believed that due to blinking 20 thousand times a day, we remain blind for 30 minutes in a day.

– The brain can live without getting oxygen for about 6 minutes, but if there is more time then, the risk of developing its dynamism increases.

Mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, amphibians etc. are the brains in animals. But the human brain is unique. It is not bigger than all, but it gives us the power to imagine everything and resolve the problem.

Differences in the conscious and unconscious mind

Consciousness and unconscious is part of our psychology. The problem mind is an indispensable part of the human soul, which cannot control the psyche. Let’s look at this in more detail. The conscious mind also termed as making awareness of the things by own.

This thing reveals that our conscious mind is helpful to take knowledge of the things like feelings, attitudes, beliefs and sensations. If we raise our consciousness indirectly, we are building the knowledge of our self.


In the other hand, the unconscious mind is considered as that part of our life in which we are not so aware. But if the situation comes about health and healing, then the unconscious mind is as important as your conscious mind.

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So, both the conscious and unconscious mind is necessary for human beings to help us to tackle the situations easily and suddenly. Both parts acts as the two phases of the coins if one is showing other is hidden and the other is working one is hidden.