The God of Hindu ‘Hanuman’ is known for his power and the love towards Lord Rama. He served the whole of his life while caring lord Rama and become the most loved person of the Rama. People worship Lord Hanuman to get strength and to overcome issues.

In Hinduism, Lord Hanuman is one of the most popular gods and is worshiped by countless Hindus who are desirous of gaining bravery, might, and self-control to confront the problems in life.

Hanuman is known as Bajrang Bali and Anjaneya as well. He affiliated with the line of apes. His assistance to Lord Rama in defeating Ravana and founding the realm of truth is very significant in Hindu mythology.

He killed numerous demons and traveled extensively in quest of Rama’s wife, Sita, who was abducted by Ravana. His indirect help to Pandavas in the battle against Kauravas is also significant.

Lord Hanuman is the 11th and final incarnation of Lord Shiva – his Panchmukhi appearance extensively celebrated as his supreme and most dominant manifestation.

Six interesting facts about Hindu god Hanuman are described here:

1. Once Hanuman smeared ‘sindoor’ throughout his body for the long life of Lord Rama

Hanuman deeply dedicated to Lord Rama. On a particular occasion, Hanuman saw Sita apply ‘sindoor’ in the middle of her forehead, and he wanted to know from her why she did that. Sita said that as she was Lord Rama’s wife, ‘sindoor’ was a mark of her absolute love and reverence for him.

Then, Hanuman smeared ‘sindoor’ all over his body in an attempt to show his love and devotion toward Lord Rama. Lord Ram genuinely moved by this gesture of Hanuman and bestowed him a boon that in future, those who would worship Hanuman with ‘sindoor’ would find all their problems moved away.

2. The meaning of the name Hanuman in Sanskrit is, in fact ‘disfigured jaw.’ 

When Hanuman was young, he thought the sun to be a ripe mango, and he flew straightway to the sun and attempted to gulp it. At that time, Lord Indra struck him with ‘Vajra,’ and he fell on the earth and got his jaw disfigured forever.

3. Though Hanuman was a ‘Brahmchari,’ he had his son Makardhwaja 

The birth of Hanuman’s son Makardhwaja is a fascinating story. Hanuman was sweating as he was flying back over the sea when he blazed the whole of Lanka. At that time, a drop of Hanuman’s sweat fell into the sea, and a mighty fish swallowed it. Thus, Makardhwaja was born. 

4. Once Hanuman refused to accept Sita’s gift

Another captivating story is when Sita wanted to gift Hanuman an attractive pearl necklace, he graciously turned down the offer saying that he wouldn’t take anything without having Ram’s name on it.

To demonstrate this, Hanuman slit his chest to show the image of Rama and Sita carved in his heart. It was an excellent example of Hanuman’s legendary dedication to Lord Rama.

5. Hanuman and Bhima were brothers 

Both Hanuman and Bhīma were sons of Vayu. Once Bhima was looking for a flower for his wife, and he found a sleeping monkey with his tail crossing his path. He requested the monkey to pull his tail. But he did not comply. Instead, he asked for Bhima to shift it.

It was his strength for which Bhima was very proud. Yet, he was unable to change or move the tail. Hence, he understood that the monkey was not an ordinary one. It was no one else, but Lord Hanuman himself. He was lying there to diminish Bhima’s conceit.

6. At the time of Lord Rama’s death, Hanuman obstructed Yama 

Lord Rama made up his mind to forsake his worldly existence and proceed to Vaikuntha, but he was aware that Hanuman would be reluctant to allow him to do so. Therefore, he asked Hanuman to locate his ring that had disappeared in the Patal Loka after falling on the ground.

Hanuman went on finding the ring, and he encountered the King of Spirits, who enlightened Hanuman that the ring fell because it was the end of time for Rama’s avatar.