No one is much more grown-up to tackle all the problems or to take every decision. But the truth of life is that we have to be self-dependent to be a success in our goals.

What to learn from Life:

Learning from the past to make our future secure, we have to work on the present. We have to find in us for what we are born and what life wants us to be. If we got these answers, we could do whatever we want.

Every person has their dreams or likings in which they want to work, but unfortunately, not even 40% is work according to their need for action.

Turning Point of My Life:

From my childhood, I love to write short fiction stories and interesting articles according to my likings. I never find any difficulties while writing the content, but I always work to get a good job, not look at myself that I can be a good writer, as I don’t have enough things to fulfill my requirements.

The turning point of my life started when one of my friends asked me to write a story for a price. I provide him the best article, and I got some money for that. Further, he asked me to write more content, and he is ready to give me a reasonable price for that. I didn’t understand what he will do with this, not even I want to know, I write the content and provide it to him.

After a long time, I didn’t like to work for him as I didn’t want to sell my feelings, which I have put in the given articles. I rejected his next proposal and decided not to write to him.

So many confusions in my mind, whether how can I be a good writer so everyone can love to read my articles or stories. I tried many times while posting my stories and making blogs, but nothing happens, not even a single person interested in reading those articles.

Don’t Lose Hope If you want to achieve Goals:

Wasting so much of time I got one thing that it is not the platform to show my talent, nobody is interested in reading a single content. Everyone wants the funny thing to read or something related to relationships.

I further tried to write these articles, which are quite exciting and according to the reader’s choice, but more also, I noticed most of them don’t like to read the extended content, they want something short to learn it quickly or easily.

After so many losses, I decided to quit going to my passion. I will make myself to earn to ruin my like. Even the pressure of the studies can’t make me think other than that. Nobody supported to provide me a platform to make me stand.

How it feels to be a Freelance Writer:

One day I heard about the freelancer sites from YouTube, and I started searching for them. I don’t think that it can be possible to earn online from these types of websites.

But I tried to check whether it is possible or not. Finally, after so many attempts, I got a project at a reasonable price, and I started working on it. And it will be the best part of my life that I have earned the first time and feel that I am going on the right path.

After working a long time, I got my first payment, and I have decided to work as a freelance writer to go in the first step of my dreams.
Nobody is enough good or born perfect. Everything comes from experience. If you learn and keep going, nobody can stop you from being a successful person.

“Writing is my Passion, I only write for the improvement not for the pay because money can’t give me success but learning from the work can”