After changing the policy of Whatsapp, many users got banned while doing suspicious activities that are violating the policies of Whatsapp. The main reason which has noticed of banned Whatsapp number is of using GB Whatsapp and sending links to multiple groups. 

Many Whatsapp users are trying to promote their business via Whatsapp, and they are sending their YouTube or Google links to the groups which are not accepted by Whatsapp.

Reason for Whatsapp Banned in India?

whatsapp number banned solution 2020

If you are a regular Whatsapp user using normal Whatsapp, then your account will not face any problem regarding Whatsapp ban until you violet policies of Whatsapp. After finding the Whatsapp policies, their team ban Whatsapp number for a temporary basis or permanent basis.

A- Whatsapp Temporary Banned problem:

In Whatsapp Temporary banned process, the team put the account inactive and doesn’t allow the user to access their account anymore for a short duration. You can easily access Whatsapp temporarily banned after a while, and it may not lead to losing your data.

B- Whatsapp Permanently Banned Problem:

In Whatsapp Permanently Banned Problem, the user is restricted from using Whatsapp for a lifetime at the particular banned number. After you cannot access your Whatsapp anymore and your account is gone. It is not like that you cannot get your Whatsapp number back, but the chances to get your banned Whatsapp number is only 5-10%.

Whatsapp permanently banned number Solution:

whatsapp number banned solution 2020

If you are tired enough of searching how to unban permanently banned numbers then, we can help you here with natural methods. To activate banned Whatsapp number, you have to use your current Whatsapp number to contact with their customer support.

After getting a ban, people try to access their name and sending multiple messages to the Whatsapp team to unban, which is useless, and they are not even interested to know about your query.

The best process to unban Whatsapp number in India is to contact with Whatsapp team with the active number and write your problem in a short while explaining your challenge to get your Whatsapp number to unban easily. 

Here is the step by step procedure to activate banned Whatsapp number easily:

  • The first thing you have to do is open your Whatsapp account with another name or can use a working Whatsapp number.
  • After, you have to go to your profile there where you can see different options like Account, Chats, Notifications, Data, and storage usage, help, and invite a friend.
whatsapp number banned solution 2020
  • You have to select the Help option from the following options.
  • Now, you will see four options FAQ, Contact Us, Terms and privacy policy, and app info; you have to select contact us option to proceed with your request.
whatsapp number banned solution 2020
  • After selecting Contact Us, you will see an interface where you can type your problem “Whatsapp Number Ban” or any other query and click on Next to complete the step.
whatsapp number banned solution 2020
  • After you click on Next, you will see Search FAQ with different questions, you don’t have to select any item to proceed with ‘This doesn’t Answer my Questions.”
whatsapp number banned solution 2020
  • After you move with ‘This doesn’t answer my questions,’ you will see two options, Email or Gmail, proceed with Gmail.
whatsapp number banned solution 2020
  • Now, you have to Type your problem there, as we have provided below.

Gmail “My Whatsapp Number is Banned How to Unbanned”

whatsapp number banned solution 2020
whatsapp number banned solution 2021

Now, we have to cover the final process of writing the problem with appropriate words. If your Whatsapp number banned permanently, you have to write your message like this.

“My Whatsapp number +91 0011223366 is banned due to violating the Whatsapp policies. It is my business number, and I want to re-activate it to communicate with my family and friends. After changing the Whatsapp policies, we haven’t noticed the changes and, by mistake, violated the policies. Kindly help me out to unban my Whatsapp number provided above so I can use your service again. Thank You” 

How to remove Whatsapp banned 2021

whatsapp number banned solution 2020

Finally, you have to wait for around 24-78 hours to get their response to get your Whatsapp number activates. I also unban my Whatsapp number once with the same procedure and successfully solved the Whatsapp ban problem within 24 hours. Whatsapp Team response to the mails during the night in India, and they only provide computer-generated replies if you try to send your question again and again with the same email id.

Before, I tried with the banned number and not get their positive response in return. After I tried to contact my working Whatsapp number and my name is working now. Make sure to complete your process step by step not to face any problem while Whatsapp unbans process.