Traveling is good for your health. Connecting with nature makes you feel better and help to relax your mind. It feels good to watch natural occurring things like Rainfall and Snowfall with your open eyes where you can feel every single moment you spend there.

Recently, people searched for the first 2020 Snowfall in India, and we have captured a particular moment in our cameras to show you the fantastic experience we gained during snowfall. In January, most of the hills covered with snow, and people come from different states to enjoy their vacations. 

The Queen of Hills ‘Mussoorie’ is one of the most visited places during winters to see heavy snowfall. On 4th January 2020, the first snowfall experience and people collected together to enjoy the beautiful weather and to make a memorable moment there. 

First Snowfall in Mussoorie India 2020

Mussoorie first Snowfall 2020

In the day time, heavy snowfall started, and people become curious to experience the falling of snow from the sky while holding the cameras in hands. While the snow blocks the roads, people are on the next level of excitement for not caring about the massive traffic jam. For half an hour’s journey, we have to travel around 5-6 hours due to the heavy traffic of tourists.

It’s true that if you pay for something, you will get that thing. After traveling so long, all the problems flushed when the small pieces of snow falling from the sky. For some, it’s the first time, but for rest, it’s several times. 

First Experience of Snowfall in Mussoorie, India

Many visitors have their first experience of feeling the snowfall live with their eyes. Their feeling inside is exclusive, and they are waiting to reach the top of the hill and go out and shout aloud with excitement. The first experience of snowfall is one of the memorable moments which you never forget. If you are experiencing snowfall with friends, then it’s your best experience ever. We can forget friends but not the moment spend with them.

People who are living near to Mussoorie came after hearing the news of heavy snowfall, and a lot of traffic jams occur, which cannot be controlled easily. The crowd is ready to face problems to experience the snow, and they are not tired of sucked in a jam as they are enjoying every moment on the roadside as well.

First Snowfall in Mussoorie India 2020

Mussoorie first snowfall on 4th January 2020

Experiencing the snow is like enjoying the festival where different people are there who are smiling together. It can be seen only a few times even people don’t enjoy rainfall that much as much snowfall. We have made a great time there and captured every moment in our cameras. You can check out our experience in the video uploaded at the starting of the post and feel the snowfall at your place.