“Life depends on your hope…..life ends when your hope ends!!”

•             I learned a lesson from my journey that we actually don’t know the real person inside us!

•             What we think in mind will possible to do that?

•             Why we lose the hope without losing the things?

Are you afraid of heights? I mean about great heights! Are you afraid of climbing a sloppy icy mountain? Are you afraid of taking risks to stand at the top of that icy mountain? It is quite impossible for that who have lack of courage but believe me nothing is impossible. I think nothing is impossible for me now as I am going to share my personal experience when I reached the peak of K2. Maybe while reading this story you would feel the thrill, risk, adventure and lots of fun.  I was very excited at that time to start the best journey of my life and another side very scared inside thinking about the imaginary circumstances of my journey. The only thing that comes in my mind, “how it feels if I reach the top of the second highest mountain peak”.

 It’s my first climbing experience to the world’s most dangerous mountain and also known as the deadly mountain. Another name of the K2 is Mount Godwin Austin; the name is given to the name of the climber who firstly climbed one of the highest mountains. K2 is simply positioned 22nd by topographic conspicuousness, a measure of a mountain’s autonomous stature, since it is a piece of the same broadened zone of elevate (counting the Karakoram, the Tibetan Plateau, and the Himalaya) as Mount Everest, in that it is conceivable to take after away from K2 to Everest that goes no lower than 4,594 meters (15,072 ft), at the Kora La on the Nepal/China outskirt in the Mustang Lo.

In the month of July which is the best time for climbing, we are confused to go with which path, there are various courses on K2, to some degree distinctive character, yet they all offer some key challenges. The first being with a great degree high height and coming about an absence of oxygen: there is just a single third as much oxygen accessible to a climber on the summit of K2 as there is adrift level. The second is the penchant of the mountain to encounter extraordinary tempests of a few days span, which have brought about huge numbers of the passing’s on the pinnacle. The third is the lofty, uncovered, and conferring nature of all courses on the mountain which makes withdraw more troublesome, particularly amid a tempest. Regardless of many endeavors, there have been no effective winter climbs. All significant climbing courses lie on the Pakistan side, which is additionally where base camp is found.

The trip starts with the unpleasant and unsafe KKH street which doesn’t care for the expressway streets however as a jeep track. The rough terrain track is the initial step to go the town of Askole. The Askole is the beginning stage of the trek which comprises of the base camp of the K2. I was feeling extremely apprehensive while watching the characteristics of the people groups who originated from better places for climbing. Before beginning the voyage, our sacks are conveyed to the armed force of porters, which convey our packs to the base camp which isn’t more than 20 kg.

I have listened to some place that the essential thing in climbing is to move with the great accomplices whom you know from other hard trips. My trip was begun with the gathering of 15 climbers and the main track was begun from the Askole to the Jola, which is close around 7-8 hours separation of trekking.

As I have left the last town (Askole) and making a trip to the world’s longest Baltoro ice sheets, aside from the polar area which is close about the 58 km travel. The Baltoro icy mass is secured with ice sheet rubble that we call the moraine. It is around 4000m height, we have constantly strolled for a long time.

In the wake of achieving the K2 base camp point, I feel so unwind and the positive vitality went to our disposition as should be obvious the excellence of the most elevated pinnacle. In any case, I need to move keeping in mind the end goal to achieve the highest point of the heap of the mountains. K2 is the enormous mountain and has an animal, every one of the sides of the highest point of the mountain was secured with the mists and it was the characteristic magnificence that we are viewing with my own eyes. The stature of the K2 is 4 km higher than us at that position.

For climbing a mountain you must have experienced ice & rock climbing very well, as well as being able to climb with a heavy rucksack at steep mixed terrain. We have provided some types of equipment which we have used to climb like Dozen of ice Screws, rock pitons, countless carabineers, snow stakes and good quality static rope for fixing on rocky sections. The most useful thing that I saw is the Korean Rope which is provided near about 6km of the plastic rope. We also provided the bamboo stakes which were bought from the Nepal, which is helpful to fix the tents in the higher camps.

Our kitchen storage tent carries vinegar oil, toilet paper, spaghetti, sauces, cheese and all kind of canned food. Those items were old food product and veggie which was supplied from the Askole. For the non- vegetarians, they have the facilities of a goat which they bought up to be slaughtered at the base camp. After settling all the equipment and the food materials, we pray the God for the safe journey. This was the turning point in my life as my mind was fully changed what I thought is different from what actually I was facing.

As I have started my climbing from the Abruzzi Spur route which is one of the dangerous routes for the climbers. There are 4 camps to reach the bottleneck of the peak and to reach the K2 summit. The Camp 1 was the height of 6100 M, the Camp 2 is 6700 M above, the third Camp is 7550M and the camp 4 is about 7980 M. The fourth camp is also considered as the shoulder of the peak and it is the last camp and after the camp bottleneck come which is above the camp 4 and above this K2 summit arrive which is 8611 M high.

When I was started on the Camp 1 everything seems to be going well as it is the beginning route for the track and I have full support from the instructors and from the partners. The worst thing about this climbing was that we don’t have to look back if anyone of the partner was not following. The slow rainfall was going which was so dangerous as a serac piece is as big as a house and can crush us instantly without giving any warning. Still, we are moving without any fear of losing life and singing songs to make the journey of climb interesting. It was the first experience ever, no one knows what will happen in future but our main motive was to move on. I always considered as a good tracker and have experience in rock climbing and few mountain climbing, but I haven’t experienced this type of climbing. The sun was providing cold winds there’s not any effect on the weather and we are focusing on our foot to be placed in the right area. The tracking was seemed like chasing one another on the same route and giving strength to the next person.

I at long last achieved the camp 2 in the wake of finishing the trip of 6 hours yet some of them are still on the course. The guideline was given to us to be inside the camp as they estimated that a few torrential slides will happen soon. 12 out of 15 achieved the camp yet 3 are still on the course, we are attempting to speak with them however we bombed unfailingly. All of a sudden the torrential slides happen, we are so frightened not have the ability to state a solitary word. Simply pondering the 3 accomplices and the never forgettable seen that we saw there, one of the climbers was come to at the point however the greater part of snow takes him back to the profound. Right then and there we simply hold the hands of each other and simply going to the God to make everything okay. That night was the loathsome night for us and we are simply seeking the following day.

At the following morning, we as a whole chose to backpedal not even a solitary climber was prepared to go up. This is our last choice to gather sacks and come back to the home, the most recent night encounter was so disillusioned. Everybody was whining about the left accomplices we haven’t endeavored to spare them if torrential slides will return again none of us will alive. At that circumstance, one of our teachers said just a single thing that ‘we won’t drive you to backpedal however think once on the off chance that we restore, the entire of your life you will feel like a ‘Looser’. What’s more, in the event that you achieved the best, you will live like a ‘Saint’. The decision is yours to be a Hero or a Looser.’ After deduction, the whole day, some of them chose to backpedal and now the 8 climbers are prepared to go ahead as we are here to handle the issue not to dodge it.

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Our next mission is to achieve the Camp 3 which is 7550 M and 850 M high from the Camp 2. The mountains don’t generally make some help of humanity, we have taken in a lesson there to not to surrender effectively confront the conditions and make yourself as great to handle any kind of circumstance. In this course, we are quite recently running with a thought process to not to stop whatever the condition may happen. The few dead bodies are found in each place which was caused by the torrential slides however we are sufficiently solid to deal with every one of the circumstances. The camp 3 is additionally considered as the Black Pyramid since it comprises of the vertical hopping on blended ice and shake in a locale. A large portion of the climbers named it as the specialized segment of the climb. While heading off to the dark pyramid, we have confronted such huge numbers of issues as it is by all accounts difficult to climb yet the help of the accomplices offer quality to climb it. How far we are heading off to the best, the climate conditions and conditions were getting awful. At the same time we are getting sick by then and having loads of issues while relaxing. One of us chose to quit climbing and backpedal yet we are in that condition we can’t concentrate on other, the main need was ourselves and the second is others. The chilly air was one of the most concerning issues of trackers when the cool breeze interacted with countenances of the climbers that was the most exceedingly bad experience which was making us miserable. The temperature was close about – 25’C that was so high, we haven’t confronted the temperature before that. When we achieve the Camp 3, a fervor and some positive vitality rung a bell. We as a whole are sheltered and completely worn out thus hungry that can hardly wait for the nourishment to be cooked. The psyche wound up noticeably like we need to finish a mission for any cost and now our concentration is to achieve K2 Summit. The best piece of this climbing was that we as a whole have steady accomplices and truly a decent understanding exists between us. At the night we have appreciated a great deal and everybody was discussing their self-experience and whole life. For such huge numbers of days of the climb, we as a whole are sincerely joined to each other and we are acting like a major family. Everybody has encountered that we can’t go alone at the best our harmony will help every one of us. We have made a guarantee that we as a whole need to achieve the best to make the most of our prosperity.

We are prepared to begin moving in the exact next morning. Everybody has an expectation as a main priority and guidelines were given to us that the following point is Camp 4 which is around 7980 M from the beginning stage. This point is considered as the shoulder of the pinnacle and it is a standout amongst the most perilous territories of the following. Over the Black Pyramid, it’s difficult to explore the slants which were the greatly hazardous experience. We can see the shoulder point however the territory was secured with loaded with threats. The vast majority of the passings happen around there is because of Avalanches, tumble from the mountain, height ailment, and vanishing.

We began our moving with the plan to achieve the camp 4 without losing any of the accomplices. 2 climbers get sick and not in the condition to go along with us so they have chosen to remain by then not to track with us, so we exited them with the master and we began perking up to support our self and make travel fruitful.

Six of us began moving with the educators, we are so upbeat to be one of them who have achieved that point. The climate was not in the same class as the little snow precipitation was going, however, we have chosen to proceed onward. One of our teachers sings a sonnet which touches our heart.

The ballad was:

“Never lose your expectation, we are recently closed.

Believe yourself, we are there.

The life will end one day, simply accomplish the objective you need.

In the event that you stop at the point, where will you go?

In the event that you continue moving, you will at the best.

What’s more, on the off chance that you quit going, nothing will you get.”

This sonnet was entered in our heart, the most wonderful lines that I at any point heard and this ballad ceaselessly going in our psyche. All things considered, we are only a couple of meters a long way from the following point, however abruptly the educator instructed us to move back it’s not sheltered to push forward. This choice was so baffling; we lament and still need to go ahead. Be that as it may, they have given us the strict choice to move back and we need to acknowledge it. Maybe a couple of us not chose to move back and they are as yet going upward. The educator constrained and asked for to backpedal however they lament the choice and continue moving. Scarcely any moment later, we saw that the enormous measure of snow was falling at the other track where we rejected to go and that was truly a stunning minute and we are pondering our accomplices who go ahead. We can’t move from our position, we no one but the thing can do was to saw the snow falling next to us. We securely backpedal to our beginning stage and saw that there’s no individual from our gathering.  Consecutive stunning minute make us feeble and that was truly a crying minute for every one of us; we get hurt around then and couldn’t recognize what to do next. We began hunting down the accomplices however we can’t go anyplace. Everybody was down and out up thus much perplexity about our following, it was first time occurring in the whole world that the more passing happens in a solitary gathering of following. When we began our adventure, we are 15 and now just 4 are cleared out. The teacher was additionally shocked about this episode and they settled on a choice to drop the climbing and move back. They requested us to gather up your packs we are moving back now; we would prefer not to lose anybody one.

The defining moment in my life came and I can’t take the choice, in any case, I have thought on the off chance that I won’t achieve the best then shouldn’t something be said about my fantasies and what might be said about the accomplice’s fantasies that we lost in the adventure. I took my official choice to climb and the first occasion when I lament their choice. I have asked all the 4 accomplices and the teachers to move with me, and I plainly said I won’t stop now and in the event that you additionally would prefer not to stage the subject of the general population that have we truly achieved the best or not then proceed onward. The choice was pending for quite a while and everybody needs an opportunity to consider it. 2 of the accomplices prepares and rest of them chose to backpedal. I was feeling so certain around then by getting the help from them. At last, we began moving to achieve the following focus of our trip. It’s exceptionally troublesome for us to track without educators however I chose to climb or pass on here. We are moving in a straight line and following each other and in the middle of, we impart to think about the accomplice’s condition. I can name this Climbing as a ‘Destructive climbing’!

After a long track, we, at last, achieved the camp 4 which is prominent as the shoulder purpose of the pinnacle. I needed to yell there and need to revels all the name of the accomplices and give a salute to them as they don’t surrender as opposed to losing their lives. I have adapted loads of things in my adventure, how to oversee things, how to move in a guideline and how to deal with the circumstances which I haven’t looked in my ordinary life. Presently our next arranging was to move to the bottleneck purpose of the pinnacle which is the second most elevated purpose of the K2. The name was given to this point as a bottleneck as it appears like the neck of the top after shoulder and it is one of the perilous focuses that we need to confront. In this point, there’s a straight track to climb which is the hardest piece of the adventure and the climate was to a great degree chilly and we are confronting the issue of breaths. There’s absence of oxygen because of the high purpose of the mountain, we need to confront the issues now.

Presently our next thing was to make an arrangement how to climb that pinnacle. It was one of the hardest choices to make an arrangement for that. We have begun taking a shot at that and it isn’t so much that opportunity to play out the activity quickly.

I know the sentiment the chilly breezes and a few mountains that spread us. We looked at the last fragment of sun followed the ebb and flow of the Earth in a belt of kicking the bucket fire. Two miles beneath, the striated spread of the Baltoro Glacier was at that point dull, coordinating the frosty interstellar darkness overhead. One by one, the monstrous pinnacles of the Karakoram winked out: Gasherbrum I and II, Broad Peak, Muztagh and Trango Towers, Chogolisa. At that point, the sun vanished, and the concise nightfall gulped the mountain on which they stood: K2, the most noteworthy and slightest excusing in the range.

We are living as we don’t know when our trip will end. However, we understand that on the off chance that we haven’t done anything new, at that point there’s not a reason in life. We are reviewing all the past directions of the teachers and recollecting our accomplices that were so passionate minute once more, it’s difficult to saw the individual biting the dust before you who was joined to you. Presently we need to proceed onward overlooked what we have confronted and simply concentrate on our next point. We have taken two days to make an extraordinary arrangement as indicated by our experience and now it’s an ideal opportunity to take after the arrangement.

On the following day, we began our climbing; it was our first individual experience to execute the arrangement. So we ask the mountain God to make us safe and avoid every one of the debacles. We as a whole are completely worn out, physically and in addition rationally feeble and the main thing which we need to move was trust. We began gradually while teaching each other as indicated by the arrangement. The torrential slides were going on the opposite side of the mountain as the sound of overwhelming snow was coming. Despite everything we moving and simply singing the tune that our teachers sing, this tune gives a decent inspiration to move and furthermore touches the heart and we are just proficient to think whether reach at the point or bite the dust. Our arrangement was running effectively with just a single expectation in the mind that to become at the point securely and with every one of the accomplices. All of a sudden I saw that the point has come lastly we achieved the bottleneck of the pinnacle. We knew they had recently observed something no normal mountain climber could ever wish to witness: dusk from over 27,000 feet. The person who lives here is valuable to depict their stories. At that elevation each breath is a work; each lungful of air holds just 33% of the oxygen adrift level. Our bodies and brains were at that point starting to close down, and the coming dimness would bring merciless, less 40-degree chilly that would burn any uncovered tissue.

By then, our psyches were flashed out and I don’t trust that I was the most astounding purpose of the mountain, which experience has made us the most grounded one and we don’t feel the dread of anything. That was the point to value our choice to push ahead, we need to state to every one of the accomplices to appreciate the accomplishment with us, however, there’s nobody just we three are unwinding at the neck of the mountain. I feel extremely extraordinary to be one of the climbers to achieve the point. However, the last point for which we are battling was remaining. We are only a couple of meters far from our last goal and don’t comprehend what will occur later on.

The last point was only a couple of meters away and in the wake of achieving the bottleneck we unwind 3 hours to make us rationally fit for whatever remains of the voyage. I was getting to be noticeably feeble step by step and now I don’t imagine that I will achieve the point. I loosed the majority of my expectation and inside I am set up to stop moving whenever. I don’t realize what all of a sudden happens to my body I am not ready to do anything simply just a single thing was arriving at my psyche to stop the voyage and move back. Loads of weight on the psyche were the reason for my dysfunctional behavior. I was pondering their responses and I don’t comprehend what they attempt to state, I simply just grin when they say something.


My brain was looking for the reason:

In what capacity will I bite the dust?

Also, when will I bite the dust?

Did I achieve the pinnacle?

The comical minute was that when you are close to your fate and lose the expectation. Same thing was running with me. I don’t know why yet I cried inside and madly biting the dust. I can’t have the quality to appreciate that time. Simply lying on the snow and thinking profoundly.

The last phase of the adventure was begun and we are moving well ordered. I was moving behind the accomplices with noiseless personality and nothing to talk. That was a standout amongst the most hazardous encounters that I need to confront. We just have the last words in the psyche if any condition happens or any of us won’t be alive then the other ought to compose the name of that individual. Toward the start of the climbing, we haven’t confronted any of the issues. We are quite recently tired so it’s a fundamental issue for the climber after that one of us begins tumbling down and the rope was left from his hand and he was going to the power descending. We yelled persistently yet nothing happens and we lost one of our climbers at the closure point. We are so disillusioned and having water in our eyes simply recollecting the last snapshots of our voyage. What’s more, we imagined that we had done the wrong choice to climb more. I am completely worn out and suspecting that a similar will transpire. I don’t have the ability to climb 100 M from that point. This is the most noticeably bad condition that we are confronting.

 The inquiry that was going in our psyche was what will we do at the pinnacle?

Do we appreciate or we feel miserable for the climbers?

When I asked the last climber what he was thinking around then he answered: “I don’t comprehend what I will get while coming to at the point as I lost the vast majority of the things while moving at the pinnacle.”

Well! He was completely fine has lost every one of the things and what will we get while achieving the pinnacle. Be that as it may, we proceeded with our excursion and convey moving. Presently, we both are supporting each other and moving well ordered. Almost 50 M was left and we are not in the condition to move upward. By then, I ended up noticeably weaker and chose to not to climb and said to the next please take this banner and when you achieve the best please have this with my name. He stated, don’t be inept now come tail me I will help you to lift up. I dismissed and constrained him to proceed onward. I am completely worn out now; my adventure was finished by then. It was an ideal opportunity to consider the recollections of my family and about this adventure. I surrender at long last; I don’t know when I will tumble down simply holding the rope and acclimated to the position. This was likewise the defining moment of my life; I lose continue attempting whether the fact of the matter is so close. Abruptly a shoe descended and hit my head, I was not able see this plainly yet I open my eyes and saw this was the shoe of my accomplice. I think he was come to at the point, inside I was feeling exceptionally cheerful yet on the opposite side, I am having the disappointment of my adventure. I heard a whispering voice which says that “LOTS OF LIFE ENDS IN THIS CLIMBING, BUT NO ONE ALIVE MORE AFTER LOSING HOPE! I THINK YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS ALIVE AFTER LOSING HOPE. TRUST ME! YOU CAN DO IT.”

I open my eyes and simply hunting the individual down the voice. Yet, I can’t see anyone there it’s so amazing whose voice was this? At long last, I have chosen to begin putting my endeavors to move and if my demise came I will acknowledge anytime. By making little advances I began and climbing once more. While recollecting the melody I am making my mind positive. Just a single thing was moving in my psyche to proceed onward and proceed onward. What’s more, with tremendous endeavors, I at long last achieved the highest point of the pinnacle and saw that my accomplice was lying on the way to the pinnacle and conveying the banner which was given to me. There was nobody whom I can state that I have come to the K2. Not even I am energized not by any means cheerful, yet I will be the legend of my life.

 “The thing that we learn from the experience is far different from the things that we learn from the others”

This line was one of the best lines ever. It demonstrates the distinction between the self-encounter and the experience of the others. On the off chance that you fall at each stage, you will get the hang of something at each stage, and on the off chance that you move without falling you won’t learn, you simply total the work however not picked up anything. Along these lines, the lesson that we gain from the voyage was it was exceptionally hard to climb instead of watching somebody to climbing. The best piece of this excursion was that voice which constrained me to proceed onward and this adventure was a paramount and outstanding amongst other voyages of the life.

The hush at the highest point of the pinnacle and the scene from the best is continually being in my brain. What’s more, I will always remember those overcome climbers who have begun the trip with me and remain there until the end of time.

“Also, the most critical thing that I have been the solution to my 3 questions which I have asked myself before the excursion began.”